As with everyone, Justin started as a die hard wrestling fan.

At age 3, he became hooked on watching professional wrestling. Growing up in the Maryland/DC area, his grandfather worked on the business/promoting side with smaller regional promotions & shows as a side hobby.

This allowed him to meet a lot of great wrestlers in the early 90’s as he got to ride with them from airport to hotel to venue. It was a fantastic experience for a little kid to grow up around these larger than life personalities like George “The Animal” Steele and Bam Bam Bigelow. It was during this time, Justin realized he would spend his life working with pro-wrestling.

The biggest peak behind the curtain for LaBar was being in college and having some experiences being around WWE’s production team. Majoring in TV in college, he saw first hand the “machine” in action as WWE produces its many hours of original content each week.

Eventually he became very active online with commentary & news. Doing work with and creating a video show called Chair Shot Reality. This led to a national radio show recorded on TribLIVE Radio ever week in Pittsburgh, PA.

LaBar’s online wrestling commentary status was used as a cross promotion with PWO, later sold and renamed Prime Wrestling. The independent promotion is feature every Sunday night on DirecTV and allowed LaBar to experience what it means to work on a weekly basis as a performer with a wrestling company producing weekly television episodes. He acted the on-air commissioner of Prime Wrestling.

Once Prime Wrestling closed its doors due to a buyout of their TV contract, LaBar’s services were then acquired by the International Wrestling Cartel (IWC). The IWC is one of the longest active independent wrestling companies in the United States, forming in 2001.

LaBar currently is an on-air performer as one of their lead antagonists and serves as a producer and member of their creative team.

Every week wrestling fans tell LaBar how lucky he is getting to make money and spend his days working in the professional wrestling world. He never forgets how fortunate he is and how without the fans supporting his work, none of it is possible.